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Special Features for EV Technologies

Special Features for EV Technologies

Development of Electric Vehicle (EV) technologies have been accelerating on a global scale. Key elements such as next generation batteries, battery materials, inspection/testing equipment will be showcased at BATTERY JAPAN.

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Product/Technology Highlight (excerpt)

Conference Sessions related to EV concurrently held!

BJ-2Forefront of the Development of All-solid-state Battery Technology Raising Expectations for In-vehicle Use

・Konan University
・Samsung R&D Institute Japan Co., Ltd.
・Nagoya University

BJ-5Increasing Importance of Safety Evaluation for Lithium Ion Batteries

・Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
・Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Labs.
・Waseda University

BJ-8Evolution and Future Outlook of Electric Vehicles by the Latest Electric Technology

・Toyota Motor Corp.
・Journalist: Kenji Momota

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